Coach Frank
Full Name: Coach Frank
Appearance(s): Skate 3
Gender: Male
Location: Skate.School


Coach Frank(based on and voiced by Jason Lee) teaches the players the basics of skating in Skate.School. He also gives you tips in the loading screens.

He uses Stereo skateboards and his coaching park has multiple Stereo logos painted in numerous locations however it's unknown if he's the co-founder of the group in the game(Like Lee is the Co-Founder in real life).


His personality is very much like the roles Lee played in his acting career. In one of the Loading Screen tips he reveals that he would never have any tattoos however he doesn't mind if his students have one or two.


  • Coach Frank can be called to skate with the player however this is the only time you see him skating.
    • However, you can play with Coach Frank any time after completing all of his tutorials.


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