List Edit

Ollie, FS and BS 180, FS and BS 360, Pop Shove-it, 360 Pop Shove-it, FS Pop Shove-it, FS 360 Pop Shove-it, Kickflip, Varial Kickflip, 360 Flip, Double Kickflip, Hardflip, 360 Hardflip, Heelflip, Varial Heelflip, 360 Heelflip, Double Heelflip, Inward Heelflip, 360 Inward Heelflip,Laser flip, Manual, Nose-Manual, Powerslide, Revert and Wallride.

You can also do these tricks in Switch, Fakie, Nollie, No-Comply, Dark Catch and Underflip.

There's also Boardslide, Noseslide, Tailslide, Bluntslide, Nose-Bluntslide, 50-50, 5-0, Nosegrind, Crooked, Overcrook, Salad, Feeble and Smith. There's also the Darkslide.

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