Map1024 port carverton

The map of Port Carverton

Skate 3 takes place in the fictional city of Port Carverton, which embraces skateboarding, unlike the "skateboarding is a crime" mentality that permeated the second game. The city was built around a Quarry, and includes 3 areas to skate: the University, Downtown, and Industrial Districts made up of their own core areas in each. Several notable skateboarding pros appear throughout the game such as Darren Navarette, Terry Kennedy, Eric Koston, Jason Lee, and several others, and through the game it is hinted that all skaters have migrated form New San Vanelona to Port Carverton. It is also a much more colorful and happier place than Skate 2's desaturated, grainy streets, although the skating still provides the overall feel given off by the first & second games. There are 16 Own the Spot's spread across the map, 6 in the Downtown District, 5 in the Industrial District and 5 in the University District. Port Carverton was established in 1800.